Taxpayer Advocacy

Good Public Policy Initiatives

Significant property tax reforms supported by and underway by Cheryl include the following:

    • Reduce the appraisal cap to 3% and extend to ALL real properties
    • Institute a 5% revenue cap on all government tax increases with automatic voter approval (this would raise the limit for school districts 1% and institute a hard cap for all other governments)
    • Elimination of county appraisal districts by converting to sale price only valuation with prices ‘rendered’ to the taxing authority (to protect confidentiality of records as much as possible).  Note: Mandatory sales price disclosure is NOT supported without elimination of appraisal districts which would result in a savings of more than $400M each year by local government and $10M per year in the Comptroller’s budget.
    • Consolidation of small and mid-sized county tax and appraisal district offices would eliminate tremendous amounts of duplication and simplify processes for property owners.    Cheryl’s proposal would save Galveston County governments $1M in the first year of implementation and each year into the foreseeable future!
    • Elect half if not all county appraisal district directors.  Get the fox out of the henhouse!
    • Prorate Texas homestead exemptions for new Texas homeowners.
    • Reduce interest rates on tax deferrals for the elderly and disabled to prime plus 1% instead of 8%
    • Define residency for election and voter integrity
    • End taxpayer funded lobbying

“While death and taxes may be inevitable, being taxed to death is not inevitable.” Howard Jarvis, Father of Proposition 13

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