Welcome to the homepage of Tax Assessor/Collector Cheryl E. Johnson!

A fiscal conservative advocating lower taxes and smaller, more efficient government, Cheryl E. Johnson has been an advocate for taxpayers since 1994.  Whether Clear Creek ISD school board trustee or Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector, she has taken many tough stands on issues important to property owners and voters.  As the first Republican woman elected to a countywide seat in Galveston County, she has worked tirelessly to live up to her promises, never faltering, never changing course unless directed by the voters!

Cheryl has run on a platform to increase service, reduce cost and fight for property tax relief and she delivered – and continues to deliver – on those promises.  Today the Galveston County Tax Office is a model of best practices, high expectations and has a team committed to provide the very best service possible. With your support, she will continue to lead her team in delivering exceptional service at less cost to taxpayers.

Most important of all – the fight for lasting tax relief must continue so that as the economy recovers, Texas property owners are not once again taxed out of their properties as a result of appraisal creep.  Cheryl’s landmark proposal to move to a sale-price-only property tax system will eliminate the need for county appraisal districts and costly State oversight of those services and, for the first time in Texas history, put property owners in control of their taxes.

Cheryl’s steady and unending fight for property tax reforms led to her 2009 appointment by Governor Rick Perry to serve on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board where she served as Vice Chair in 2010 and 2011.  She helped establish the vision as it being the most efficient, effective, transparent and customer-driven agency in Texas – one that facilitates business and does not get in the way of moving Texas forward.

Please, Join the Campaign today and help Cheryl continue to prove that government can indeed be run like a business and in a manner that best serves the people paying for it – you!