Cheryl Johnson

For the last 15 years, Cheryl fulfilled her promises:

Improved & Expanded Services

  • Achieved TxDMV Silver Performance Level placing Galveston County in the top 7 of county tax offices
  • Established performance standards, policies and number, across the counter credit cards and increased communication through expanded web services, social media and community programs
  • Added Texas Parks & Wildlife services, expanded TABC and SIT services and opened satellite offices

Reduced Cost

  • Tax & voter system conversions reducing software and maintenance costs and improving automation
  • Added tax collection customers resulting in 53% lower costs for government partners
  • Established automated motor vehicle registration & tax payment processing, performed redistricting in-house, outsourced tax statement production — each saving thousands of your tax dollars

Fought for Tax Relief

  • Quarter payments expanded to include disabled vets and their spouses, disaster installments for all property owners and late quarter pay programs
  • Enabled low penalty payment agreements for those in need
  • Lowered trigger for voter approval of tax increases with automatic voter approval
  • Assisted with exempting 100% disabled vets from taxes, voter ID, extending senior freeze to county, city and community colleges and protecting some taxpayer repairs from CAD increases

About Cheryl

A resident of the Bay Area since 1983, Cheryl E. Johnson is a courageous, energetic and experienced leader. With over 41 years experience in real estate, government, tax and legislative activities, she is devoted to serving the people of Galveston County.

Cheryl E. Johnson has continued to prove her commitment to representing the best interests of Galveston County and Texas taxpayers. An uncompromising leader and dedicated public servant who has – and will continue – to stand boldly on conservative values, she is always focused on doing what is right.


  • 1993 Founder and Member, Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility in Education
  • 1994 Appointee, State Senator J. E. Brown’s Advisory Committee on Education
  • 1994 Director, Clear Creek Education Foundation
  • 1994 – 1999 Board of Trustees, Clear Creek Independent School District
  • 1995 Secretary, Board of Trustees, Clear Creek Independent School District
  • 1996 & 1997 President, Board of Trustees, Clear Creek Independent School District
  • 1996 Statewide Legislative Advisory Council for the Texas Association of School Boards
  • 1996 Member, Federal Relationship Network of the National Association of School Boards
  • 1997 – 1999 Member, Board of Directors, Galveston Central Appraisal District (2 years Chair)
  • 2000 Appointee, Galveston County Indigent Health Care Task Force
  • 2005 to Present Ex-Officio Member, Board of Directors, Galveston Central Appraisal District
  • 2007 to Present Legislative Committee, Tax Assessor Collectors Association of Texas
  • 2009 to 2011 Vice Chair, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board
  • 2012 Member, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Board
  • 2015-2017 Board Member, Galveston Island Humane Society


  • Americans For Prosperity Texas
  • Galveston and Texas Republican Women
  • Hitchcock, League City, and Santa Fe Chambers of Commerce
  • Former 14 year affiliate member Galveston Association of Realtors
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Tax Assessor Collectors Association of Texas
  • National Rifle Association
  • 50 Club of Galveston County
  • Lifetime Member Galveston County Fair and Rodeo
  • Galveston Humane Society

"I'm pleased to endorse my friend Cheryl E. Johnson for re-election. She is a rarity - an elected official who puts taxpayers first."

-Former United States Congressman Ron Paul-

Taxpayer Advocacy

Cheryl has tirelessly and actively supported property tax reforms, many that have now become law including:

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